The Beauty of Recycled Plastic Furniture

It isn’t just that today manufacturers can come up with some magnificent designs for different furniture that makes recycled plastic furniture so beautiful, it is also because by using recycled plastic, they are helping to ease an ever increasing problem to our environment. Plastic has perhaps become our largest single waste material with 12% of all waste comprising of plastic and so any steps that can be taken to recycle plastic rather than just throwing it away, are steps that can assist in saving our environment. Obviously then, the more products that we buy which are made from recycled plastic, the less plastic is being placed in the waste and the healthier our environment will be. If you currently have wood furniture in your garden or on your patio, you will at some time have to replace it due to it becoming rotten or mouldy. Recycled plastic furniture does not need replacing as it is far more weather resistant and durable and so when you do replace that furniture, at least first look at the different recycled plastic items available as there are more than just the recycled plastic garden chairs. Although by buying recycled plastic furniture for our gardens and patios, we are helping, it is hardly enough to make a real impact but everything starts one step at a time. It would of course be better if all of our furniture was made from recycled plastic and even though it may look out of place in a living room, it may not in some of the other rooms. In the bathroom there is a need for furniture that can withstand a wet environment as well as recycled plastic can and the same can perhaps be said for the kitchen. Recycled plastic furniture is incredibly strong and would certainly be convenient to have our dining rooms chairs made from it.

Considering that as recently as 1960, only 1% of our waste comprised of plastic, it is easy to see what the future will bring unless we can start to buy and use more products, not just furniture, that are made from recycled plastic. The number of plastic bottles that you see in the supermarkets today gives some idea as to just exactly how much plastic is being produced every day. If that plastic continues to become waste instead of being recycled, we will eventually and not too far into the future, have a real problem, one which will elevate into a real environmental problem.
It is perhaps fortunate that there is such a wide and diverse range of patio and garden furniture that is made of recycled plastic as it certainly helps but, other industries need to look equally hard into what other items could be adapted to be made from recycled plastic as it is only that which can save a rapidly approaching environmental catastrophe. By all means look at furniture which is made from other materials but if there is one that looks equally as good as the recycled plastic, think of the environment before making your decision on which to buy.