Hiring the right tree removal professional.

When it comes to Atlanta tree removal, it can be difficult to know how to pick the best service provider for your needs. Keep reading for some tips to help you out.

Why do I need a professional, I have a chainsaw?

You may have a chainsaw, but how much do you need your fingers? Or even your face? Tree felling is an art. Wood isn’t a uniform medium, and you will meet knots, soft areas, hard areas etc. that may cause kick back and other issues. Even if you’re a pro with the chainsaw, getting the tree to fall as you want it can be a tricky process and it’s all really better left to the professionals to handle.

Remember, too, that the most basic type of tree felling- the only one an amateur can hope to tackle on their own- will result in the most damage. Even is it comes off without a hitch and lands exactly where you want it, there will still be an impact depression and impaled branches to remove from the site. There are more complex methods of removing trees which will cause less damage- from pole sparring to whole tree sparing and using a crane and rigging- however you will need the equipment and expertise of an arborist to do these. They’re certainly not DIY methodologies.

What makes a good tree removal specialist?

Obviously, at the heart of getting professional Atlanta tree removal is the knowledge the practitioner comes with. They should be willing to do an assessment of your needs with you, and open to discussing the different types of tree removal we have discussed above with you. Yes, some of the ‘less mess’ methodologies will be more expensive, but even if your budget is tight a true professional should be advising you on what you need and what would best suit you, as well as letting you have all the available options to make an informed decision yourself.

A true tree removal specialist will also have a team. It’s a dangerous and difficult job, and not suited to a one man band setup. Their tools will be well maintained and suitable for the job, and they will provide their own tools, not expect you to have the right ladders, or block and tackle yourself.

Lastly, but certainly not least, your chosen tree removal specialist should have comprehensive and up to date insurance, and be willing to prove it to you. It is a dangerous and unpredictable job, and even the best company can have a tree fall in the wrong way. They need to have the insurance to cover damage to your property, and the right insurance to cover injury to their own staff should something go wrong too.

How do I find a good tree feller?

First hand reviews from people you trust will always be the best place to start looking for a professional arborist in Atlanta, but search engine reviews can also be useful. Just remember to consider whether the review s verified as service user, and whether they have a very positive review with the only one they’ve made being that positive review, as these are generally signs of scammers.