Foreign Visitors to Brighton

Although it is Brighton’s 8 miles of pebbled beaches that played some role in making Brighton the popular tourist attraction it is today, it is probably Brighton’s location that was the most important factor. By its location I do not mean because it is surrounded by beautiful Sussex countryside complete with historic castles, forts and country houses but its location in so far as it is in easy reach from England’s capital, London and of course the International airports that service the capital.

It was though the beaches which provided easy access to the salty waters of the sea that first brought visitors to the fishing village of Brighton in 1730. In those days it was believed that bathing in salty waters could avoid or cure a number of illnesses and so as the beaches of Brighton afforded easy wading into the waters, it was there that people went looking for cures. Brighton later received more visitors because it was from there that many of the boats sailing to France would leave from but visitors to Brighton itself were not common until the Prince Regent, later to become King George IV, visited Brighton and liked it so much that he built a Royal pavilion there; that people started to visit Brighton for what it had to offer. This increase in visitors meant that the village quickly grew into a town complete with rows of Georgian houses. The size and popularity of the town continued to grow into the Victorian era when the West Pier and Brighton’s palace Pier were built and large hotels started to appear, like the Grand Hotel. Of course with the railway system reaching Brighton in 1841, it was then possible for Londoners to visit Brighton on day trips and that of course increased the numbers of visitors that Brighton received.

More recently Brighton, whilst continuing to grow, has become one of Britain’s most popular seaside destinations and has grown in size so much that after it combined with nearby Hove in 1997, it was proclaimed a city by Queen Elizabeth II as part of the year 2000 celebrations. Although one of Britain’s most popular seaside resorts, it is Britain’s most popular seaside resort for foreign tourists. This is again probably due to its proximity to London and the International airports that service it. Although there is ample public transport between these airports and Brighton, the best Brighton airport transfer can be provided by one of Brighton’s chauffeur services which at a reasonable price, can facilitate transfers from any of the London airports to your accommodation in Brighton, in luxury and ensuring that none of your valuable vacation time is wasted.

Brighton with its ever increasing attractions like the Brighton wheel and modern amusements, will remain to be Britain’s most popular seaside resort for foreigners and Londoners alike, well into the foreseeable future and, as it is said to be the happiest place for residents to live in the UK, the population will also probably continue to grow from its current 400,000.