Experience Bucharest In 48 Hours

The Romanian capital, Bucharest, is a well-known city for tourists and travelers. It offers something for everybody so that they can enjoy their stay there. In today’s busy world, many of us don’t have enough time to take a week vacation. We are often limited to a couple of days of vacation and we try to cram lots of activities in that short period. Instead of enjoying it, we end up being tired but none the less happy with our trip.

Bucharest architectural influences can be seen when you go and take a look around the city. Renovations have been made to make sure that its French charm is well preserved. Various buildings such as the churches and museums are all waiting for you to rediscover them.

For some people, it would be best if they have it all planned out. In that way, they just have to follow their plan and get on with it. Some people are more adventurous and instead of having a plan, they just decide what to do when they get to the place already. A bit of research will help you know what things you can do there and what the place has to offer.

Check In
Once you reach Bucharest, the first thing you need to do is to get out of the airport and check in to the hotel of your choice. Bucharest is very easy to navigate and you can ride a yellow taxi cab that will take you to town at around 50 lei. The town offers a lot of hotels, some of them accept reservations online so that you can make sure you have a place to stay when you go there. There are also boutique hotels available and it already comes with a free breakfast.

Now that you have check-in and refreshed a little, you can start your vacation by taking a hike at the Piata Revolutiei. Historic churches like the Kretzulescu church can also be visited and you will get to see the incredible architecture it has. There are also museums or art exhibitions you can see. When you get hungry, you can take your lunch at local restaurants like the Caru’cu Bere. They offer a wide range of meals and they even have vegetarian meals available.

Afternoon Shopping and Night Parties
Window shopping and bargain shopping is also something that you can do in Bucharest. If you love tea, you should head on to the Demmers Teehause where they have everything that is related to tea. From mugs to tea sets and even loose tea leaves. You can find them all here.

An afternoon stroll can lead you to the bar called Bordellos. After which, you can dine with the locals at Terasa Doamnei. They are known for their bear stew with forest mushrooms. After a bit of rest, you can then proceed to find the Best nightclubs in Bucharest. . Experiencing the nightlife here is one of the many things tourist look forward to doing. You can party the night away.

The Next Day
With all your partying last night, you are bound to wake up a little bit late and that is just the perfect time to visit the Romanian Patriarchal Cathedral. Don’t forget to visit the Palace of Parliament for a very outstanding view. You can spend the rest of the day just walking in the parks and admiring all the scenery or simply go into their museums and learn more about their culture. Take pictures with you to remember this special vacation.