Difficulties of Uber Drivers

The rapid growth and expansion of ridesharing services like Uber only attest to the fact that more and more drivers are being attracted to Uber. Arguably, many people, male and female alike, find Uber a solution to their problems. For commuters, Uber ridesharing is a welcome alternative to the traditional modes of transportation such as those of the commuter trains or buses; it is also a safer and cheaper means of transportation than that of the taxicabs. On the side of the drivers, Uber is an additional source of income or an alternative job. Because of the large number of people that are opting for Uber, you may ask: “how much do uber drivers make monthly?” The answer may depend on how assiduous a driver works and may vary from city to city. The conservative estimate is that, an experienced full-time Uber driver may earn around $600 to $1,200 a week or $2,500 to $5,000 a month. However, you may find yourself facing new difficulties and challenges as an Uber driver.

Handling these Difficulties
One of the most common difficulties that you may encounter as an Uber driver is the lack of passengers or Uber users. Don’t freak out. Just chill out! Park your car in a parking lot rather than waste your gas plying the roads in search of a passenger. You are not a cabbie! Likewise stop chasing the illusive green area in your Uber app. The green area on your map shows the real-time Uber driver’s demand in an area that can change by the minute. Just relax in your car and wait till a user hails or notifies you.

In working as an Uber driver, you need to familiarize yourself with your job, your area of work, and learn to navigate. There is nothing more embarrassing than getting lost and unable to find the correct route to your passenger’s place or worst to your passenger’s drop point. Try to familiarize yourself with every landmark and every major street in your city and its suburbs. You should give yourself ample time to learn the basics. Even newly hired wage earners undergo thorough orientation and training. It would be better if you work part-time in Uber while you are still employed in another company.

Another common difficulty that most new Uber drivers find themselves into is the frequency of low ratings given by the Uber users or passengers. Being a driver, you would certainly develop some driving habits of which you are unaware. Sometimes, these habits are obnoxious to passengers and inimical to your level of ratings. Hence, you should try to be an Uber passenger sometimes and observe the driver. He may mirror some of your habits that you are unaware of.

Safety and security is another concern not just for passengers, but also for divers, especially for lady drivers. If you are an Uber driver and you are a lady, try to avoid driving at night and picking up male passengers. There were growing incidents of assaults against female Uber drivers that at times turned into heinous crimes. You should be wary of your passenger and be prepared if you cannot decline a trip. A pepper spray under your seat could come in handy in critical cases.